Questions for lab M3:  Answer the following questions in a Word document and upload
the document to the correct dropbox, along with your .pdf lab report saved from the VU
program.  Both the .pdf report AND the question answers must both be uploaded for the
lab to be graded.  PDF reports must show that they were completed during this term
(noted in the bottom left corner of the report) and by the person submitting the report
for a grade (noted in the top left corner of the report).

1.   Case Study Number (click View --> Case Study to see the number): __________

2. Open your lab report (click View --> Lab Report) and use it to answer the following questions:
How many bacteria types were remaining after the DNAse test?  _____________  after the
Novobiocin test? ______________  after the Bacitracin test? ____________________

3.   Click on the blue “M?” box at the top of the lab screen and find the information for the
DNAse Agar Plate with Methyl Green media.   When bacteria grow on this media, what are
they consuming from the media for energy?

4.  During the inoculation procedure in step #6 above, you are told to “squiggle the loop
along the agar surface to inoculate it”.  In the real wet lab, this “squiggle” technique is
incorrect.  Review the animation at this website: .  
What is the purpose of an isolation streak plate in the microbiology lab?

5.  What was the assigned identity of your unknown?  Click on the green “B?” box at the top
of the lab screen, then click on the “Reference Books” folder and “Gram Positive Cocci”.  
Locate this organism in the list.  What four disease conditions are typically caused by this

6.  Also in this “Reference Books” folder, click on the “Antibiotics” folder. Compare the
mechanism of action (how it works) for Bacitracin and Novobiocin.  Explain where, in the
cell, each antibiotic exerts its effects (don’t copy and paste – explain it in your own words –
this may take some outside vocabulary research).