Textbook chapters (only one of the following books is necessary, the information covered in the concept questions is
found in each of the books).

•        Chapter 11:  Anatomy and Physiology  by OpenStax College
•        Chapter 10:  Visual Anatomy and Physiology by Martini and Ober
•        Sections 9.7 – 9.9:  Hole’s Anatomy and Physiology by Shier, Butler, and Lewis

1.        Compare and contrast the terms origin, insertion, and action as they pertain to skeletal muscles and as they
relate to the functions of agonists, antagonists, and synergists.

Concept Storyline:  Muscle Terms

2.        Describe the roles of force, load, lever, and fulcrum as they relate to skeletal muscle and bone movement.

Concept Storyline:  Levers

3.        Know the location, action, origin, and insertion – both in words and pictures – for each of the muscles.  Note:
questions on actions will NOT be verbatim from the book – you must UNDERSTAND the actions, not just have a
reference list.  The best way to learn actions is to locate the muscle on your own body and see what happens when you
contract it.

Muscle Labeling Activity

           More Muscle Labeling Activities
Michelle Murphy, M.S., M.Ed.
Lake Region State College