Textbook chapters (only one of the following books is necessary, the information covered in the concept questions is
found in each of the books).

•        Chapter 12 and Sections 13.1 – 13.3, 14.2 – 14.3, 15.3, 16.5:  Anatomy and Physiology  by OpenStax College
•        Chapters 11 and 13 and Sections 12.1 – 12.3:  Visual Anatomy and Physiology by Martini and Ober
•        Chapter 10 and Sections 11.1 – 11.5:  Hole’s Anatomy and Physiology by Shier, Butler, and Lewis

1.        Identify, in both words and pictures, each of the CNS structures listed.

CNS Labeling Activities          Part 2

  More CNS Labeling Activities

2.        Compare and contrast the structures and functions of the central, peripheral, somatic, and autonomic nervous

Concept Storyline:  Nervous System Divisions

3.        Describe the structural and functional relationship among the following neuron components:  axon, dendrite, cell
body, presynaptic cell, postsynaptic cell, synaptic knob, synaptic cleft, synaptic vesicles, neurotransmitters, collateral

Concept Storyline:  Neuron Structure

4.        Describe the composition and function of cerebrospinal fluid and its relationship to the meninges and the blood
brain barrier.

Concept Storyline:  Cerebrospinal Fluid

5.        Compare and contrast the structure, function, and location of myelinated versus unmyelinated axons, including
the role of myelination in continuous versus saltatory propagation.

Concept Storyline:  Myelin

6.        Compare and contrast the role of the chemical gradient and electrical gradient in maintaining the equilibrium
potential and in the generation of graded potentials and action potentials.

Concept Storyline:  Gradients and Potentials

7.        Describe the location, structure, and function of the main neurotransmitters associated with nervous system
signaling and information processing.

Concept Storyline:  Neurotransmitters

8.        Describe the main structural and functional divisions of the cerebrum.

Concept Storyline:  Cerebrum

9.        Describe the main structural and functional divisions of the cerebellum.

Concept Storyline:  Cerebellum

10.        Describe the main structural and functional divisions of the brain stem.

Concept Storyline:  Brain Stem

11.        Describe the source, target, and function of the main spinal cord ascending and descending pathways.

Concept Storyline:  Spinal Pathways
Michelle Murphy, M.S., M.Ed.
Lake Region State College