Anatomy & Physiology II - M. Murphy
Lab: Blood Typing
Determining blood compatibility:

The exercises on this page are a simplified starting place for blood typing.  In physiology, new
pieces of the puzzle are always being discovered.

Blood Typing Case Study:

Patrice is a 17 year old girl, the youngest of five children.  She has been in a car accident and is
going to need multiple surgeries and blood transfusions over the next few days.  Patrice's family
and friends would like to donate blood.  Your task is to find out who has blood that would be
compatible with Patrice's blood.

First, we need to know Patrice's blood type.  To do this, examine the following diagram:
For more information on determining blood type, check the following links:

American Red Cross: Blood Types

EldonCard Blood Type Test
When you are ready to begin determining the blood types
of Patrice's friends and family, click
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