All books for Anatomy & Physiology can be purchased through the LRSC bookstore:  LRSC Bookstore

Required Lab Book:  

PhysioEx 9.1 Laboratory Simulations in Physiology (CD or online access code with book)     Author: Zao,
Stabler, et al    ISBN: 978-0-321-69217-7

NOTE about PhysioEx:  It is NOT recommended that you buy the PhysioEx book used - if you do,
buyer beware!!  To do the labs, you'll need a working online license or CD.  Most books sold used
do NOT have these things and will end up being a waste of money.  

ONE of the following textbooks is required (not all three - just choose one):

1.  For students who prefer to read information in paragraph format, with smaller and less frequent
illustrations:  Hole’s Human Anatomy and Physiology, 12th Ed     Author:  Shier     ISBN: 9780077361341

2.  For students who prefer large, detailed, illustrations and diagrams with few paragraphs:  Visual Anatomy
and Physiology, Edition 1    Author:  Martini & Ober    ISBN: 978-0-321-56015-5

3.  For students who prefer a free, online, digital textbook:   Anatomy and Physiology  Author:  OpenStax  
Available as a free .pdf download here:  
OpenStax Anatomy and Physiology